/inˈjendər/ verb: give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition)
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People come to me because they desire to engender change.

As they start their journey, the realize they need to begin to engender curiosity


From that curiosity, they learn about others as well as about themselves. From their gained appreciation of human diversity, they begin to engender love.

That is why I created the Engender Courses




The Engender Courses: a variety of educational programs designed to promote understanding and inclusivity regarding gender for professionals and individuals.

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How I can help...


Imagine if....

  • You did not believe you could say the "wrong" thing.

  • You had a solid understanding of gender.

  • You knew how to support and include all genders.


This image can become true by attending

Engender Courses


What I offer...

  •  A variety of courses that may be purchased individually or attended with a course pass.

  • Twice per month office hours held in a safe and welcoming environment for all questions.

  • My 10 years of experience as a gender educator and advocate with a medical background to get you answers


Who I am

  • A gender educator for almost 10 years

  • A retired physician

  • A advanced-certified life coach

  • A trained gender advocate

  • A facilitator of national parents' support groups

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  • This is a great opportunity to get your questions on gender answered.

  • Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your space.

  • Attend office hours to get your questions answered on what you are learning.


Upcoming Courses

Gender 101

Learning Pronouns Painlessly

Creating a Gender-Inclusive Business

How to Support Your Transgender/Non-Binary Child

Teaching Sex Ed in a Gender-Inclusive Way

...and so much more.

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